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Interview with Patrick from PFC Taiwan - Awakening, Living Your Mission


Patrick : Hello everyone, this is Patrick, today I’m so honored to present you a very special interview. Today for the first time in the history of Prepare for Change, this is not going to be another Cobra interview, instead I have Untwine, from the blog Recreating Balance. The first time I met Untwine was Cobra Chiang Mai Conference last July. To me, he’s not only a good friend of mine, but also a very very reliable partner for planetary liberation. So on behalf of my group, International Golden Age Group, I want to welcome Untwine to my interview, hello Untwine, good day !

Untwine : Good day, thank you, thank you.

P : Ok, so first question, can we first talk about your story of awakening ?

U : Ok, from the beginning, from this whole life, or later on ?

P : Yeah this whole life, like when did you wake up as a lightworker, and what was your job, and what is your background story before you become a lightworker ?

U : I think the first element in my awakening was from the time I was born in my first, roughly 7 years, I had a lot of astral traveling, especially when I was waking up in the morning, I would first wake up in my astral body, and I could fly around in my room in my house, and touch things and see energies, and I could see myself sleeping in my physical body and then I would come into my physical body and wake up in my physical body. That was going on almost every morning for my first 7 years. Also around this time I had a lot of, during the day I would lock myself up whenever I could, because I wasn’t very comfortable with the outside world, and then I felt and I could see that I was surrounded by beings, who were helping me and guiding me, telling me things, I don’t remember anything in detail, it’s like an energetic transmission that they were doing.

P : Wow, so you can do all this stuff when you were young ?

U : Yeah, until about 7 years old, I think around the time when I had my first vaccine, and I started going to school and it was quite stressful, and all this stopped.

P : Yeah, I have a similar experience, when I was young, probably about 7 years old, sometimes I would ask myself, who the hell I am ? Why am I here ? You know..

U : Yeah I think it’s very common for many star seeds to be like that as a child

P : Well, I couldn’t go astral travel, but sometimes I just ask, is my chinese name really my real name, things like that

U : Yeah, yeah, I would also stare at myself in the mirror, that lasted my whole childhood until my late teens, and I had these moments where I had almost like a vertigo staring at myself in the mirror and have a very strong feeling like ‘this is not my planet, why am I here ?’, and I knew this was not my planet even in my early years, like 5-6 years old. But after you know we grow up and we go to the school system and the pressure from the family and all the society and we tend to forget all this, and just think it’s, you know, childhood imagination. The implants and the vaccines also make it even more, that we forget all this stuff.

P : So, what was your job, before you became a lightworker ?

U : I think these energetic transmissions I got as a child, they stayed with me and when I was a teenager I rebelled very strongly against the school, I hated it I didn’t want to be in it, and it was also very difficult for me to relate with people, with how the world works, and about 13-14 years old I started playing music and that was one of the major things in my life, because it helped me translate, it’s like it made a translation with the world and people, in that way I could relate with people for the first time almost. So I started focusing on this a lot and so some of my first actual jobs until my early twenties were just music, I was playing in bands and going every week to play concerts in like cafes and stuff like that. I could never really go into another kind of job, like 9 to 5, I think it did it for 7 weeks in my whole life and I hated it

P : Haha wow, so you just broke away from the system so early

U : Yeah and also even when I tried to go in it because I needed money, I was kicked out of it very quickly, maybe sometimes I was kicked out because I didn’t fit the profile because I was not really cooperative, and sometimes it was just synchronicities and like the universe making it so that I couldn’t do these jobs. And later on in my early twenties I started having these spontaneous kind of awakenings where I was lying in bed, and, you know I grew up in a sort of atheist kind of background, like ’there’s only matter’, you know in France it’s quite strong sometimes this kind of thinking, it’s a very strong rejection of all religion, which in a way it’s good but they reject spirituality at the same time which is not good so, I grew up with this kind of thinking, and in my early twenties I had a moment where it was like an instant switch, I felt like a shower of Light, I went from completely atheist to ‘oh actually there’s a god, but it’s not an old man in the sky, it’s a presence of Love that’s everywhere’, and I just knew it from within, I had this awakening so then it stayed with me as my compass, because it’s not something I learned or read in a book, and that’s how my spiritual awakening started it’s from inner knowing, and I think it makes it stronger because then you know it from your self, and you don’t have so much doubt when you continue in your spiritual journey.

P : Oh, that’s good, so, when is your first time knowing about the shift of the ages, the Event, the cabal, things like that ?

U : In early 2012, basically at the same time as Cobra started his blog, I had a pneumonia and I was stuck in bed for 3 weeks, and during these 3 weeks I had nothing else to do but to look on internet, and so I started researching different kinds of subjects about illuminati, extra-terrestrials, and all these things and I would stay up all night and just watch, one of the first things that I found was David Wilcock, and I spent probably 1 week, staying up all night watching all his videos, and I just knew there was something to this. And then from that I started doing more research about positive ETs, and also at the same time David Wilcock was doing an interview with Drake, and he was I think the first to talk about the mass arrests, as a concrete plan for 2012, and so that led me to Cobra’s blog like just a few weeks after he started the blog, and then from then on everything expanded.

P : Oh, so lucky, I had a quite bumpy ride with Cobra, well first I read Cobra’s blog in chinese, the translation was not good, and so an idea flashed into my mind, ‘the translation’s not so good, why don’t I do this by myself ?’, and then my previous boss let me go, so I said ‘ok fine’ and somehow joined the group and met Jedi and others. Ok so, did you trust Cobra from the very beginning or, did it take you a while before you trust the idea of Cobra and the Event ?

U : I think from the very beginning I could feel, it resonated right away for me, I was in that period where I was stuck in bed and getting completely mind blown by all this new information and, you know, I didn’t sleep at night that’s how much passionate and enthusiast I was about it, I was very touched and during these months when I learned about all this, I actually quit all the work I was doing, at the time I was living in London and I was playing in bands, and we had tours planned across UK and I just cancelled it, I said I couldn’t do it, because I was so touched by this information, especially Cobra’s first post about the archons, it made a lot of sense to me because I always felt that, I knew about the physical conspiracy but I always felt that something was going wrong energetically but I never really heard about it, and when I knew the extent of the non-physical conspiracy also, it made complete sense because it explains how I felt, how this world is working, and after that I just quit all my jobs and headed to some of the first Cobra conferences in 2012.

P : Oh, so fast, I took a quite bumpy ride before I met Cobra, you know like I said before I quit my job, I had nothing to do, and felt like since I had nothing to loose, why not just do this as a translator haha. Ok next question, how do you find so much background knowledge for writing your blog, like you know, I translate your blog several times and I always admire, wow this guy just knows so much

U : Well, it’s funny because from where I’m standing I feel like I don’t know that much, I think on this planet we are really left only with little crumbs of knowledge, compared to what is out there.

P : I know but, even if it’s crumbles, reading your blog is still like, reading some kind of wikipedia, haha, it’s massive and makes sense..

U : Yeah I do some research and I basically, we’re flooded with all different kinds of information that are sometimes good, sometimes not good, and often mixed good and bad, and basically I filter energetically, when I do research I use my feeling and intuition to go straight to the places where I feel there is something good, because otherwise I think if you just go mentally and you don’t use your intuition you can get drowned by all the noise that is out there on internet and also in real life. So basically I do research energetically and intuitively, and I think a lot of it also is guided by my spiritual guides, on the astral and mental, and maybe etheric plane, especially in the last year I’ve been remembering it more and more, that when I sleep during the night I have meetings with some of them, and so they’ve guided me they’ve guided my gridwork missions, and I think they’ve guided some of what I post on the blog. I think that’s the main thing is that there is non-physical guidance, because we can’t really get physical guidance apart from a few articles on internet, so on the non-physical plane I think there is much more contact that is possible.

P : Hah, so you have a non-physical think tank for your blog.

U : Something like that I think, yes. But it’s not just me I think they are contacting many star seeds at this time.

P : Yeah, ok, so what is your opinion on channeled messaged ?

U : Well it’s a tricky subject I think, most people go into it without proper skills about it, like if you and me, if I tried to channel Patrick Shih, it would already be a lot of work right ? If I tried to channel what you’re trying to tell me. And people are trying to channel beings that are beyond the veil where there’s even more interference. I think it’s possible and it can be very nice but it takes a lot of work and there is a lot of interference at the moment so, it’s not very easy, I wouldn’t discourage it completely, you know it’s like Cobra was saying in those last conferences, if you want to do it, you need to work for it.

P : For me channelers are just being like non physical radios, it’s not really very special but well as we say, use discretion as advised. Don’t do it like you want to show off, if you want to show off don’t do it.

U : Yeah, I think what we see with the channeled messages is pretty much the same with physical messages, a lot of people say they have inside information, often it turns out to be really nonsense. Not only channeling but also physical messages, there is a lot of spiritual gurus and masters that are not exactly in tune I think. The archons have created such a strong illusion and disinformation system that they have gone very deep into people’s psyches.

P : Ok, so next, it is not difficult to imagine the new financial system, and the rise of new technologies, which will be introduced after the Event, since Cobra mentioned these 2 topics so many times, but however, New Renaissance is still kinda vague concept to me and other light workers, I don’t even know how we can work a New Renaissance group, even though we have a strong organization system in Taiwan, so I really want to ask, what is your vision and expectation for New Renaissance some years after the Event.

U : I think it’s a more advanced subject because it’s a subject that requires we go deep into our psyche and into our deep emotional programming, it’s something that for some reason is very difficult for most people to do. When you start to go deep into spirituality and into art, then if you want to really find the truth about these things, you go into a world where, everything the way you live, on every little detail of your life, is questioned, the whole way we build our relationships, with friends and family and lovers, has all been very programmed, and all this is actually very deeply connected to spirituality and to art, I think when you go deeper into spirituality you go deeper into the relationship with your own self and with your soul family, and this is something that is very very difficult for the surface population at this time. So it will take a lot of work on ourselves, and that’s one of the things we can already start doing now.

P : I always say that the New Renaissance group will be the strongest group among all PFC group because it’s all about the soul you know, the soul is much more powerful than any kinds of technologies and money. But sometimes it’s just too difficult for us to prepare for real Renaissance group. So do you want to give any kind of advise for anyone trying to build a strong New Renaissance group ?

U : Yeah I think the New Renaissance is the most long term vision, because as you said the financial system, pretty quickly in the first few years will vanish, with the new technologies, and later on with the spiritual advancement the technologies will also vanish, so the Renaissance is the longer term vision. I think for right now, doing shadow work like integrating your own shadow, and also doing workshops for artistic expression like painting music, all these kind of things, dancing also, trying to connect with your self, with your truest self, and let it express, through the art, I think that’s a good part of the New Renaissance, and the more you build on this, the more spiritually advanced we become, the more the art is so rich and powerful and connected with our higher self. You know just imagine the kind of music that very highly evolved beings can do, it’s so rich and this is where we’re going, this is where we’re heading. So we start where we are and, creative artistic expression is a very good way to get in touch with your soul, with your higher self.

P : Ok roger, ok I will ask my group to do so. Thank you. Next, you have travelled around Asia for Cintamani missions since this July, can you share your favorite, or most impressive story with us ?

U : There has been a few but, there was one example in Kazakhstan that was quite strong for me

P : Ah yes, I know, the ruby, no, the temple built with Lapis ?

U : No that was in Iran, they paint old buildings with Lapis Lazuli powder, that was very nice. But in Kazakhstan that was more of a personal experience where I arrived in the country I had some trouble with the customs, they searched all my bags and then, the accommodation was also trouble, you know often you get some interference when you’re traveling for this kind of project, and after I found a good accommodation and I settled down, I laid down in the bathtub and finally relaxed after a long flight and all that, and I had a flash from a dream, where actually few weeks before that I had dreamed that whole exact unfolding of what would happen when I landed in Kazakhstan and I could still hear the voice of my guides saying ‘you will have a rough arrival in Kazakhstan but then everything will be resolved, and then you will remember this dream’, and I could see even the little details of what the objects were in the bathroom, and that was just a very strong personal experience for me to remember how my guides are really watching the whole process and protecting and guiding it, and also it was quite mind blowing for me to see how they knew in advance, few weeks in advance, they had predicted how it would all happen, even exactly where I would stop and what I would do this whole evening, that’s quite mysterious for me how can they predict things like that so accurately.

P : Or maybe you just planned this trip with them few weeks ago

U : Yes exactly, I probably did, but in that trip I hadn’t booked anything in advance, and I didn’t remember myself, where I would go, until it happened.

P : You were just so amazed that everything just stick to the plan haha

U : Yeah maybe because it doesn’t often happen haha

P : Like ‘wow, everything stick to the plan’. Ok my next question is money, as you just take long stay travel quite frequently, have you ever felt worried about money, or other aspects of your life like, your family or marriage ?

U : My family and marriage no. But money… Well all this was part of, when I first started awakening, I went through also some sort of deprogramming process, not 100% but basically I think in my early twenties I had some years of some kind of difficult experiences and awakening experiences where I detached from most of this, not 100% but quite strongly. Like I said I never really went into a 9 to 5 job or settling in a family, I could never do it, even though sometimes I thought about it, my whole reality went strongly against it. So, money is sometimes a little worry, but I trust that if I do my best to align myself with the Light, then it will provide somehow, if the mission needs to happen, it will be made possible, and it has worked more or less so far.

P : So your money sometimes just comes out of nowhere ?

U : Yes, yes, out of places where I wouldn’t expect it at all. Basically I think the best way to relate to money is to not focus on the money itself, because it’s all virtual and..

P : It’s a tool, just a tool

U : Yeah, so focus on what you want to do with it.

P : Yeah you always told me like that, yeah it’s just a tool, and the number is not really important, focus on what you want to do, and if you want to do it perfect, do your best, the money just come, somehow.

U : Yeah, especially if you, one of my main compass is to ask myself every day, what is the most beneficial thing that I can do, and I think as you do that, every moment, every day, you align yourself with the flow of abundance, and there are many things that need to be done on this planet, to liberate it, so I think the Light forces are very happy when somebody is willing to do something, because if you look at the 7 billion people on this planet, there’s not that many who are available and willing to do something. So when you strongly genuinely align yourself and are willing to find the most beneficial thing you can do, there will be responses from the Light forces.

P : Like remind yourself everyday, what we can do for the path, stay on track, and everything will be ok.

U : Yeah, yeah. And it’s not about putting so much pressure on yourself, because some days, the most beneficial thing you can do is to take care of yourself. But keep the vision, it builds day after day, to find the thing that would be the most beneficial for your evolution and for the planetary liberation, I think that’s one of the best question we can ask ourselves repeatedly at this time.

P : Ok nice. Last question, can you describe your daily life as a full time lightworker ?

U : Well it changes a lot, depending which country I am because I’ve been traveling a lot in the past few years, so depending where I am it will vary a lot.

P : So almost like a free schedule, you just do what you want to do and what you have to do. So free

U : Yes. This was the thing I wanted most since I was a child, the thing that was the most painful for me when I was in school is not being able to choose what I can do with my time, I think that’s the worst thing. This is slavery, if you’re not able to choose what you can do with your time, that’s the definition of slavery I think.

P : For you you just live with full control of your time, you can do what you want and you know what you want to do.

U : Yeah, not 100%, because I’m still on this planet, but as much as I can. That’s the thing is the quarantine, we are blocked from other planets but we’re also blocked from our own planet, most people don’t even have the freedom to explore and really know what’s going on on this planet, and you know when you think outside of their system, you can realize there’s actually solutions where they would have you believe that there is none, but there are. What Cobra I think was calling the cracks in the matrix. If you step outside a little bit, and you try to find other way of living for yourself, it’s gonna be different for everybody, but there will be something for you. There will be always a better solution, but most people don’t even try because they don’t believe there is.

P : They just say ‘I have to stick inside my comfort zone, even though this comfort zone is really small and not so comfortable’

U : Yeah, because the fear of survival is how we’re programmed and it’s what defines most people’s choices at this time on the planet. But it’s not a very good way to find the best solutions, because you’re not aligned with solutions and the flow that can come from the Source, from the higher planes. If you base your choice on helping the planet, on believing that we deserve a good life on all levels, from a positive place, you do your research from this place, you do your choices from this place, there will be things that happen that didn’t appear possible if you look from a negative of ‘oh we’re all slaves anyway’. You want your end results to come from a good place.

P : Yeah, like if I chose to stick with my previous job, I couldn’t be here. I wouldn’t even have the chance to meet you, and others and Cobra. Just take a different approach, when you look back, it’s not really that horrible.

U : Yeah, with an open mind, believe that there are possibilities, so much more things are possible in this universe, even on Planet Earth, than we are led to believe. And that doesn’t only apply to stories we read about things that happen outside of ourselves, like the secret space programs and things like that, it also applies to our own lives, to every little aspect of our lives.

P : Ah ok. Oh wow, this is really inspiring, I think our interview can inspire many people. Ok thank you brother.

U : Ok thank you very much

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Much Love and Courage to Everyone 

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Cobra Interview with Patrick from PFC Taiwan - 28th Sept 2016



Untwine : Welcome everybody to a new Cobra interview. So today we are doing a joint interview between me and Patrick Shih from Prepare for Change team of Taiwan. We are working to re-unite all the groups worldwide, and have them working together so we can have a network that can work together for the Event. So joint interviews like this are part of this effort. I was very impressed by the Prepare for Change teams in Asia, they are very organized and motivated, they do a lot of great work, so I think it will be very interesting to hear questions from their point of view. So welcome Patrick !

Patrick : Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is Patrick, I am a translator of Taiwan Prepare for Change group, and it’s really an honor for me to be the first Taiwanese host for a Cobra interview, so welcome Cobra and Untwine !

Cobra : Thank you, thank you.

U : Thank you

P : So Cobra, I want to start with some situation update shall we ? [C: Ok] Have we successfully closed the negative plasma portal in Congo during Ascension meditations ?

C : Ok this was one assistance but there were also many other actions of the Light forces, that have managed to stabilize the situation there so the attempts of the chimera group to reactivate the portal was not successful.

P : Ok. Sometimes people will say they feel not comfortable, they feel sick, and they say ‘well probably it’s because of ascension symptoms’, but I wonder whether this term ‘ascension symptom’ really exist, or it is really about attacks by negative forces ?

C : Sometimes there are symptoms of transformation because the body needs to adjust to new frequency, and sometimes yes there are scalar attacks also, so both is happening.

P : Hmm so is there a way to identify which one I’m getting ?

C : Usually the scalar attacks are very unpleasant, the ascension symptoms or shall we say frequency adjustment symptoms are different, they are not so negative, they are not pressuring you down they are just adjustment. But scalar are usually very unpleasant.

P : So, very unpleasant, can you give some examples of such unpleasantness ?

C : They can influence your body functions, heart rate, they can trigger strange sensations in the body, they can trigger very intense negative emotions, they can trigger headaches, this is just a few of the symptoms that can happen as a result of scalar attacks.

P : Ok thank you. So my next question is, is there any occult reason behind the territorial dispute in the South China Sea ?

C : It is simply that the dark forces want to have a trigger, they want to create a war, but I would say the whole situation is not significant because they will not be able to do it.

P : So ok, Untwine it’s your turn.

Untwine : I have a question about the Khmer empire around Cambodia, what was their role in history and how did they disappear ?

C : Ok you need to have a little bit more specific question.

U : Were they more positive, or mixed ?

C : It was a mixed civilization there were many tribes, some of them had, I would say quite much connection with the reptilian forces, but there was also, I would say a Khmer renaissance where there was quite much development in art, and certain, I would say priest and priestesses in the Khmer empire were channeling Goddess presence.

U : Ok, and how did they disappear ?

C : There were many ways, there was a lot of conflict in that area and there was an agenda of certain forces from the cabal to erase them from the planet.

U : How about the stars, we’ve talked before about Antares and Aldebaran, which is like a portal between the Central Sun and the Earth, and in ancient traditions there were 4 stars, 1 in Leo called Regulus and 1 near Aquarius called Fomalhaut, can you talk about this axis between Leo and Aquarius, what’s its role in the galaxy ?

C : This is another axis because the Antares Aldebaran Axis is a different axis. Actually all those axis are filaments of plasma in the galactic body, that allow hyper dimensional travel throughout the galaxy. And both filaments that you have just mentionned are two of the main galactic highways, and the one called Antares-Aldebaran filament is actually crossing very close to the solar system, this is why this planet is such a highly prized real estate in the galaxy.

U : And is there beings living in planets orbiting around these stars ?

C : Yes of course

U : Ok. Will the physical aspect of the galactic pulse reach us at a set date or can it be delayed ?

C : It is being delayed already because the galaxy is a living organism and the galactic pulse is timed according to the level of consciousness on this planet so it can be delayed a little bit.

U : So the physical particles that were launched by the Central Sun about 25000 years ago, where are they now ?

C : This is another wave, actually the physical particles that are reaching us now are part of the previous wave. The physical particles which will be triggered at this particular wave will not travel a the speed of light, they will travel at almost infinite speed because they will be tachyons. And when the veil is removed, those physical particles will reach us at the same time as the non physical ones.

U : Ok. In Russia in Siberia there were a lot of sinkholes discovered, what is causing this ?

C : Many of the sinkholes are the activity of the Resistance Movement, this is one way to awaken the surface population.

U : Ok. there is a new form of astrology that they call sidereal, where supposedly they use the actual position of the constellations for this present moment, how accurate would you say this is ?

C : It depends on the person interpreting it, and the accuracy of the model because there are very different models of sidereal astrology, some of them are more exact, some of them are less. You need to understand that astrology is a symbolic model, and its accuracy depends a lot on the person interpreting it.

U : Ok. Would you say that the usual mainstream position of the stars that are used in astrology now are still relevant today ?

C : Yes of course they are, because even if you use western astrology, the relative position of the stars and the planets remain the same. So we are actually getting the same resonance pattern for most cases. And what is important is that resonance pattern which creates interference waves in plasma that influence the solar system and the Earth.

U : Ok thank you.

Patrick : Ok Cobra now I want to switch topic to some Earth history. First one is, can you make a timeline sequence among Jurassic age, Atlantis, and the Stone age ?

C : Ok what you are calling Jurassic age was hundreds of millions of years ago it had nothing to do with Atlantis. The Atlantis as we know has started maybe 1 million years ago, and what most people are describing as Atlantis is only the last fraction of Atlantean history which is maybe 10 or 20 thousand years ago.

P : And the Stone age ?

C : The Stone age actually started with the deluge of Atlantis about 12000 years ago and ended about 5000 years ago with another mass cataclysm.

P : Ok, the next question is, why did the ancient people build a pyramid complex in Xian in China ?

C : All pyramid complexes including this one have a purpose of anchoring the Light from the star systems in the energy grid around the planet.

P : Ok. The next question, in new age circle, George Washington is known as an ascended being, if he was truly an ascended being, how could he work so publicly that he worked with other people to create a new country inside quarantine Earth ?

C : He was not ascended at that time, he’s ascended now.

P : So he’s ascended after he passed away ?

C : Some time after his mission was complete on this planet.

P : Ok. What is the relationship between the Resistance Movement and Tim Berners-Lee, the so called inventor of world wide web ?

C : I would not go in much details here, but I would say he was assisted by the Resistance in a certain way.

P : Did the Sisterhood of the Rose inspire Joan of Arc to protect France ?

C : Yes

P : Ok

Untwine : When people in meditation have a vision or feeling that they are in contact with positive ET, would this be something that can really be happening on their etheric astral or mental bodies ?

C : Yes sometimes yes.

U : So these positive ET, they can be present inside the veil to a certain degree ?

C : Yes they can be, especially now since the breakthroughs this summer, this is happening much more. It was happening before to a certain degree but now it’s much easier and it’s much more effective.

U : In 1999 when many souls were evacuated by the Light forces out of quarantine, were some souls belonging to the Order of the Star evacuated also ?

C : Yes

U : What is the astrological meaning of some newly discovered planets around the Kuiper belt, like Eris or Sedna ?

C : Ok Eris is, yes I can answer this question, Eris is anchoring the energy of the Resistance Movement. Sedna is anchoring the energy of very intense breakthrough, in exposing whatever has been denied, especially things that have been suppressed with implants.

U : Ok. How accurate would you say are the maps of Earth that are available to us at this time, like google maps ?

C : Very reliable.

U : In google sky there are some quite large areas of constellations that are masked, what are they hiding ?

C : I would not agree with that statement, there are certain areas which are masked but they are not very large.

U : Ok, and why are they masked ?

C : Sometimes they are hiding certain objects and sometimes they are hiding spacecrafts.

U : What kind of objects, like planets or ?

C : One of them is Planet X, and also other objects which are not meant to be discovered. Most of them are inside of this solar system.

U : Ok. What happened with the capstones of the Giza pyramids ?

C : Yeah they were stolen by the cabal.

U : Where are they now ?

C : They are now in a certain, I would say bunker that still belongs to the cabal, and they are one of the sources of their power.

U : Can you say in which country this bunker is ?

C : I would say that this is in the state that is called Vatican.

U : And what is this capstone made of, what material ?

C : It is made of quartz crystal and gold plated, so it’s solid gold on the surface.

U : Ok

Patrick : Ok Cobra, now I want to switch questions, regarding to Bible. The first question is, what is the real purpose of Juda, in Jesus apostle mandala ?

C : Actually the whole story has been distorted to a great degree, to reinforce the concept of guilt, because the archons wanted to create as much guilt as possible, so the whole story did not happen as it is represented in the gospels.

P : Ok, so he’s not a traitor ?

C : There was no traitor.

P : Ok

C : The whole thing was engineered

P : Alright. Is the star of Bethlehem in fact a mothership ?

C : Star of Bethlehem ok, this was a Jupiter-Venus conjunction which was quite close, and both planets were quite bright in the sky.

P : Ok. In the book of revelation, we can often see where it says like 4 horsemen, and 7 seals, angels open the 7 seals and then boom lots of disaster, I wonder what they truly mean ?

C : The 7 seals are the 7 layers of the veil and the disaster which happens is the clearing of the dark forces which is happening now. So we’re actually experiencing this right now.

P : And the 4 horsemen ?

C : 4 horsemen are actually 4 elements, fire earth water and air, they are 4 cardinal points in the horoscope, they are different symbologies which anchor those energies in the apocalypse, and the right combination of those 4 elements triggers the transmutation process, and clearing of the suppressed darkness which is happening now.

P : Ok. The next question is, what on Earth happened to Sodoma and Gomorra ?

C : It was a nuclear war long time ago.

P : Is it related to the fall of Atlantis ?

C : It was later actually.

P : Ok. What is the real birthday of Jesus ?

C : According to various sources, the real birthday is somewhere in march.

Untwine : Ok, how do the plasma bodies of various beings and planets in this solar system relate to the octopus, are they inside it or ?

C : Actually the octopus is engulfing all the bodies in this solar system to a certain degree, and this is more pronounced in planet Earth, and also quite pronounced in Saturn.

U : So you could say that our plasma bodies are part of the octopus, or inside the octopus ?

C : Inside, we are living inside of the octopus.

U : Ok. Is there a plan for the star seeds, after the Event, to reintegrate the galactic confederation faster than the general population since they were part of it before ?

C : Yes of course.

U : Ok. Can you explain what was behind the story of the iron mask, you know with the musketeers ?

C : Actually, iron mask is one of the symbols of illuminati, and the purpose of this was to introduce part of the illuminati symbology in the mass population.

U : And was there an actual event involving somebody locked in a cell with an iron mask ?

C : There were many situations like this in the middle ages, not just one, and also later during 17th and 18th centuries, quite much of this was happening.

U : Ok. Do the Resistance Movement agents that are infiltrated on the surface get implants like we do ?

C : Not to the same degree because they have much more support and they rarely stay long on the surface.

U : Ok. And so when they’re underground they don’t get it at all ?

C : Underground the influence is very very minimal.

U : Ok. What type of activity is happening around the Central Sun right now in terms of beings, are there many beings gathering around it ?

C : The Central Sun is always quite busy there is a lot of traffic, a lot of things going on there, and this is still happening now.

U : So all these beings who are visiting it, what kind of things are they doing there ?

C : It is mostly for very advanced spiritual evolution.

U : Ok

Patrick : Ok Cobra now, I want to ask some questions about worldwide mythology. The first one is, what is the origin of giants ?

C : There were many giant races, most of them are humanoid, that were living here throughout the history of this planet, and most of those races came from other star systems, one of the most known races came from the Sirius star system.

P : When we read stories about ancient giants, they are often referred as the creators of this world, for example we have frost giant Ymir in nordic mythology, titans in greek and roman mythology, and Pango in chinese mythology, do you have any insight about these gigantic beings ?

C : Ok many of those giant races belonged to so called central civilization, and yes they were assisting in the situation on planet Earth as well.

P : You know, in the stories, these giants are often referred as antagonists, they are bad guys, they are big and they are evil, and sometimes they just don’t have good manners.

C : Yes, not all of the giants were part of the positive races, some of them were not. As I have said they came from various star systems.

P : Ok. Snakes are often antagonists in mythology, for example Thor dies in his final battle against Midgard serpent, Zeus had an epic fight against Typhon, Susanoo, the japanese deity, kills Yamata Orochi, known as 8 headed serpent. So what is the original story behind these battles between gods and snakes ?

C : This is the same as now, the galactic war between the, I would say the Light forces and the dark forces, which were mostly draco reptilian serpent beings.

P : Ok. What is the relationship between Excalibur the sword, and Excalibur the mothership ?

C : Actually Excalibur is just the codename for the mothership, the actual name of the mothership is different, but it is being called Excalibur by certain small percentage of ground crew that actually on the soul level belong to that mothership.

P : Ok. So can you give some insight about Gilgamesh, the first demi-god here on Earth ?

C : I would not say he was the first, but I would say that his story is quite well known, so what is the exact question ?

P : So he’s not the first demi-god hero..

C : No, he is not but he is I would say the first one that is well known because archeologists are able to acknowledge that part of human history which was later than 3000 years BC, everything that is earlier is too much for them at this moment.

P : Yeah, and about his story, he went to pursue eternal life by hunting a serpent, but the snake got away and only left the skin, do you know the true origin of this part of the story ?

C : It is just one symbolic representation of the transformation of the snake, you need to understand that the snake symbol was not always negative there were many different aspects of that symbol, on one side snake represents the reptilian race and on the other side the snake represents the kundalini, the life force, so sometimes those symbols were deliberately mixed by the cabal to create confusion.

P : So actually Gilgamesh wanted to have eternal life by training his kundalini ?

C : Exactly Gilgamesh wanted to have eternal life, actually he was searching for his ascension.

P : Oh ok.

Untwine : What was the event that turned some places on Earth into deserts, from the Sahara all the way to Gobi ?

C : Ok what happened were drastic climate changes because of various factors, one of them was increased activity from the galactic Central Sun, and there was a river, flowing through what is now Sahara desert, which is now underground, and that river disappeared, and because of that the whole climate and ecosystem in that area has changed, about I would say 8000 years ago, and what was before dense vegetation turned into a desert.

U : What was the mission of Zoroaster and what’s his role now ?

C : His mission was to, I would say bring more Light and to bring one aspect of enlightenment to the surface population and his role is still the same.

U : So he’s an ascended being now.

C : Yes

U : Ok. Is there any non star seed human that is awakened at this point ?

C : Not in the same way, not to the same degree, but there is a certain amount of native Earth population that is quite aware of what is going on, in their own way.

U : So you said that the dark forces were building layers upon layers of quarantine, during the last 25000 years, [C : Yes], were the Light forces interfering with that process ?

C : As much as possible

U : Ok. You said also that the ascended masters ascended before 1996, so it’s difficult for them to understand how life is here now after 1996, with the increased implants. How about the 8 people who ascended after 1996, can they help them understand ?

C : Yes of course they can help, but you need to also understand that this particular group that ascended did not have an average life, they were isolated in a community, with very little contact with the outside world so, I would say they had shielded existence they were not living in a large city, or struggling for their survival as most people are.

U : How long after 1996 did they ascend ?

C : At this point this is still classified information.

U : Ok

Patrick : Ok Cobra now I want to ask some questions about urban myths, the first question, was Taiwan part of Lemuria ? If yes, is there any geological evidence to support this fact ?

C : It was, I would say on the outskirts of Lemuria, and there is geological evidence in the whole pacific basin of the large scale submergence, not exactly in Taiwan but you have a very easy way of recognizing this on the strain between Indian mainland and Sri Lanka, there is I would say a submerged underwater bridge, that has been part of the surface not so long time ago.

P : Ok. Are we living in a holographic universe ?

C : No. Not in the way that some people interpret it. We are living in a multidimensional universe yes, it is holographic in the way that a small fragment of the universe represents the whole, but we are not living in a holographic universe in the sense that the whole universe is an illusion.

P : Ok, the next question is, why must crop circles appear in the west, especially Avebury in England ?

C : There is a very, I would say strong energy vortex in that part of England, which allows manifestation of the Pleiadian ships that create those crop circles.

P : Yeah I’ve never seen any crop circle, a genuine one, in Taiwan or in China

C : They are happening but they are not as frequent as in England.

P : Oh yeah, ok, the next question is, what is the purpose of the Nazca lines ?

C : It is actually part of the, I would say a landing strip for certain civilizations many thousands of years ago.

P : Like an airfield for a mothership ?

C : Something of that nature yes

P : Ok. I’ve seen master Yoda so many times in your posts, does Yoda truly exist, or does he represent any kind of archetype ?

C : It’s an archetype yes.

P : Oh, what kind of ?

C : An archetype of a wise being that, with his wisdom can overcome, and I would say counteract, all plans of the dark forces.

P : Ok. Why are archons so allergic to Goddess energy ?

C : It is because the Goddess energy represents whatever they don’t want to be represented, actually the Goddess energy has the power to transmute all darkness into the Light, and it will transmute all darkness into the Light, so this is why they don’t want it.

Untwine : You said that the Nazca lines were landing strips for some ancient civilization, is it the same case for Chaco canyon in New Mexico ?

C : This was a different story, but yes it involves also extraterrestrial involvement in that part of the world, in that particular case.

U : Ok. Who was Rama from the old indian legends ?

C : I would say one of the heroes from very high spiritual beings from late Atlantis

U : Where are the main Agarthan cities in Europe ?

C : Some of them are under large cities, of course below the surface of London, Paris, below the surface of Munich, and some of them are high below the surface in the Alps.

U : In recent conference you talked about some kind of frontier or border that was created underground by the dark forces to block passage between the eastern and western Agarthan networks [C : Yes], what’s the nature of this barrier and is it still active now ?

C : It is a physical barrier which still exists unfortunately to a certain degree, and its location is, ok I would not say its location but I would say that it still, to a certain quite great degree, prevents the flow of information and contact between the eastern and western Agarthan networks, it is not completely air tight but there is still a lot of interference and danger in that area.

U : There was an extraterrestrial contact that was called the wow signal, who sent this ?

C : I have to disappoint, it was not a genuine extraterrestrial signal, it had other sources.

U : Can you say what was its source ?

C : Cabal activities, it was not a genuine ET signal.

U : Ok. What’s the low pitches hum that are often heard in Taos, New Mexico ?

C : This is part of the infrasound experiments and New Mexico was part of the location of many underground bases and also a lot of experimentation with scalar weapons, and Taos New Mexico is very close to certain, I would say, military laboratories where they are testing scalar weaponries, so this is one of those locations unfortunately.

U : What was behind the story of the creature in the Loch Ness ?

C : Yes there was a creature living there, there are actually many creatures living on the surface of the planet which are not officially recognized.

U : Is this some kind of dinosaur heritage or something else ?

C : Something similar

Patrick : Ok Cobra now, I want to ask some questions about post Event life. Many Lightworkers are expecting prosperity funds and their cut of the St Germain trust, I wonder how will the Resistance Movement distribute such funding to people who have multiple bank accounts, or people who don’t have any account ?

C : Well this is not a problem, for people who have more bank accounts, they can distribute wherever people wish, if they don’t have a bank account there are other ways to distribute this, some of them will be direct physical contact, there are many ways to do it it’s not that difficult, it is just a matter of logistic so it is not a big problem at all.

P : Ok. Do Light forces have any urban renewal plan for casino cities such as Las Vegas and Macao ?

C : Yes of course they have plans.

P : What kind of plans ?

C : The plans are to, actually it will be part of the global restructuring of urban centers, it will be more aligned with sacred geometry and it will be a gradual process, this will take some time. It’s not immediate, I would say in number one priority, but those changes in infrastructure will happen first gradually then it will accelerate quite drastically.

P : Ok. Can people continue to practice martial arts or fire arm shooting after the Event ?

C : People who will practice martial art which have spiritual basis will sometimes be inclined to continue, people who are using fire arms to train to aim will be able to use them, but there will be no more violent purpose behind this.

P : Ok. Should we register Prepare for Change as a global organization sometime after the Event ?

C : You don’t need to register this anywhere, the purpose of Prepare for Change is to be efficient in the situations before the Event.

P : So, after the Event ?

C : After the Event there will be, I would say a change in the purpose of Prepare for Change, it will be part of the new infrastructure, to assist in the transformation of the planet.

P : Ok got it. Do you know how the Resistance Movement on Planet X treated those illuminati slave masters right after they liberated their planet ?

C : They were processed in the same way the cabal will be processed on planet Earth at the Event, and many of them went in to the Central Sun.

P : So the Earth is about to go through the same process right ?

C : Yes exactly.

Untwine : You said that there are ascended masters retreats in Antarctica, is there any specific master that is present there ?

C : Mostly masters that don’t have direct mission with humanity, but mostly with planet Earth global situation with the energy grid, and with other things that are not exactly related directly with humanity.

U : Can you name some of these masters or are they not known ?

C : They are not known to the surface population.

U : Ok thank you, so we’re done now

C : Ok very good

U : Thank you very much Cobra

P : Thank you Cobra

C : Ok thank you very much

---------End of Transcript---------

Much Love and Courage for Everyone